Zong Whatsapp Packages 2022 : Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong WhatsApp packages are more valuable than the price offered. You can enjoy daily, weekly and monthly bundles without disconnecting with the members in your contact list. Zong is one of the best telecom service providers in Pakistan. You can activate any of its Whatsapp bundles with the price offered as low as Rs= 5/.

All WhatsApp packages are listed below

Whatsapp Package
Activation Code
Zong Daily WhatsApp Package
30 MB WhatsApp, 500 SMS
1 Day
To Subscribe [Dial *700# ]. [To Unsubscribe Send 'unsubscribe' to 700]
Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package
200 MB WhatsApp, 1500 SMS
Rs= 28
7 Days
To Subscribe [Dial *702# [To Unsubscribe Send 'unsubscribe' to 700]
Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package
4 GB WhatsApp
Rs= 50
30 Days
To Subscribe [Dial *247#] [To check remaining data Dial *102#]
Zong Monthly WhatsApp and SMS Package
30 MB/day, 500 SMS/day for 1 Month
Rs= 66
30 Days
To Subscribe [Dial *705#], To Unsubscribe [Send 'unsub' to 700]

In this modern world, mobile users prefer to remain connected with their members all the time; WhatsApp is the convenient source through which mobile users prefer to get in touch with all at the same time. There is no need to activate heavy internet bundles to use WhatsApp on your device, and there are affordable Zong WhatsApp bundles, so you can subscribe that fits your needs and demands. 

Data for WhatsApp is also offered in various packages such as in Zong internet packages, super card, all in one package. If you are subscribing to these packages, there is no need to activate WhatsApp offers separately.

Daily Packages

If you need a WhatsApp bundle for a specific time, you can subscribe to Zong daily Whatsapp package. It offers reasonable data you can use for one day. Once you have subscribed to the bundle, there is no need to deactivate it in the end because it automatically deactivates, and it requires another activation process to get activated.

Weekly Packages

Zong offers a weekly WhatsApp package that will allow users to send as many messages as they want for one week. The Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package offers an affordable way to stay in touch with friends and family.

Monthly Packages

Zong monthly WhatsApp packages are best as compared to the price to data offered. You can efficiently utilize the package for the whole month. Along with sending messages, you can also send data and files with your friends and family.


Zong packages are much better than any other telecom service provider in Pakistan. Internet speed and coverage are satisfying in all areas. If you have only usage of WhatsApp for a long time, you can go with the Zong WhatsApp packages, but if you are subscribing all in one or super card bundles, it is already included there.


How to subscribe to Zong WhatsApp packages?

Select your desired bundle and follow the instructions to subscribe to the package. We have listed all information in the table listed above.

How to unsubscribe to the Zong Whatsapp package?

The package is automatically deactivated after the time period cycle is completed. But if you want to unsub the offer immediately, follow the instructions given in the above table.


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