Mepco New Connection – Estimated Time – Apply Now

Searching for the Mepco new connection, now the process has been made easier for all customers. The customers can visit their nearest division office or apply online on the official website.

mepco new connection

The process remains the same for online web form filling or visiting the office and submitting the form. 

The form submission process possesses easy steps. Just select the electricity connection type you want to install and the distribution company as Mepco. Then, attach all the required documents by scanning them with your mobile phone and submit them online on the web or into the office during working hours.

You can also check your Mepco bill here.


Follow the below steps to apply for a new connection.

  1. Download the form from here
  2. Make sure to scan and upload all the documents listed below
    1. Property ownership papers
    2. Applicant undertaking form
    3. If the applicant is not the owner, then power of attorney must be attached
    4. Rent agreement in case of rental property
    5. Personal identity card copy with attestation
    6. Two witness identity card copy with attestation
    7. A copy of the required connection and usage
  3. Submit all above-listed documents online
  4. Print the copy you received after submission
  5. Attach all the documents listed
  6. Submit all documents to your nearest division office
  7. Once verified, the demand notice will be issued 
  8. Submit the slip into the bank with the listed amount
  9. Submit the payslip to the same office 
  10. Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a call for meter installation at your listed area. 

If it’s been a long and you haven’t got any response for your new connection, you can reach your nearest office or call their Mepco helpline numbers.

Estimated Time For A New Connection

The total time period required for a new connection depends upon the type of connection you have applied for. Mepco offers three connection types and categories. It depends upon the selected load type you have asked for. 

How Can You Check Mepco New Connection Status Online?

To check the new connection status, check the guide below

  • Click here
  • Choose the new connection option
  • Select the company as MEPCO and put your tracking ID or CNIC
  • The status will appear on your screen.

You can check your new connection status online with the above procedure, but you can also visit your nearest division office and ask them. You have to provide your tracking ID or details.

What is the Fee for Mepco New Connection?

The updated fee for Mepco new connection is Rs. 5000. The updated cost has been slightly increased due to new taxes and additional charges. The payment may vary according to your connection type and load.

MEPCO NEW CONNECTION application form

Mepco New Connection Application Form

You can get Mepco’sMepco’s new connection form from the official website of ENC. You can get the form in Urdu as well as English. You can fill the form online or print the form, fill it with all the correct information and submit it to your nearest division office.


The process of getting a new connection to Mepco is made easier for the customers. There are two options, if you are familiar with the internet, you can apply online, or you can also apply by visiting their office or calling on their helpline number.


How much time does it take for a new connection?

It may take from 30 to 40 days for new connection installation. It also depends upon the connection and load type.

What is the Mepco demand notice?

At the time of Mepco new connection installation, they issue a payslip for a new connection; that slip is demand notice. So you have to pay the slip in the designated bank and resubmit the paid slip to the office along with the required documents.

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