Mepco Bill Calculator – Check You Estimated Bill Now

Are you searching for the Mepco bill calculator? The below calculator will help you to get the estimated value for the electricity you have consumed. Just enter the total number of units you have consumed this month.

Cost of Electricity
F.C Surcharge
Electricity Duty
N.J Surcharge
Each Unit Total Costs
mepco bill calculator

How to calculate the number of units you have consumed?

to calculate the number of units consumed this month, follow the instruction below

  • Get the previous month bill
  • Note the units recorded last month
  • See the current reading of your meter
  • Subtract the current reading from the previous reading
  • The answer obtained is the units you have consumed this month.

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

Have some estimation of the bill in your mind but still want to calculate it using the MEPCO Bill Calculator? Bill not correctly issued or want to know consumption of electricity to make a budget?

MEPCO, known as Multan Electric Supply Company, is responsible for supplying electricity in Multan areas, all nearby cities, even in rural areas and small villages.

To get more ease and comfort with growing technology and the internet, you can get the online MEPCO Bill Calculator facility to check the accuracy of MEPCO’S Bill or calculate them before paying. With the help of the Mepco bill estimator, you can know the bill amount by just entering the unit number, and all the bill details, including taxes, will appear in front of you.

If you haven’t checked your Mepco bill yet. Check it now

Why use the Mepco bill calculator? 

This option of the bill calculator only calculates the estimated amount of the bill. However, the amount can vary from the original amount; this calculation script is based on the latest unit rates and the GOP taxes. MEPCO Bill Calculator is considered as a bonus of a more convenient and reliable billing calculation solution.


Highly advised to use because anybody can use it quickly; it’s safe and human error-free. Zero chance of mistake makes accuracy in the bill. You must know the consumed unit number, service rent, meter rent, and other essential things. You can also keep updating yourself by using MEPCO Tariff Guide. 

Before technology, one first has deep knowledge of the tariff guide to know the cost of each unit and get more information about different taxes, then calculate the KWh of each gadget. Sum up all and multiply to the number of units. But after this long hectic process, you still not assured on this calculation, there must be a humane error possibility?

So tired after this long calculation, want some short and authentic error-free method?

That’s why the online MEPCO Bill Calculator is more preferable to any manual calculation to save time and get more accuracy.


When do you feel the need to double-check the MEPCO’S Bill with Online MEPCO Bill Calculator?

Any possibility of an amount difference might be too much increase or less than creating a need to double-check the bill. Weak wiring, high voltage appliances, messy meters are some factors that can affect the electricity bill.

How can we calculate the amount of bill with the help of the MEPCO Bill Calculator?

The amount of your electricity bill showing is the units you have consumed. The calculation formula of the MEPCO Bill is similar to another electricity bill in this KWh cost use. In this, all appliances use energy in your home.

For calculation, you give some information like which type of connection you have, either household or business, because both have different rates; after giving the consumed unit number, MEPCO Bill Calculator 2022 will provide you with an estimated amount the bill in which all ordinary taxes are included.

What should I do if I get overbilled? 

First, observe the meter reading; if you find something strange, then submit the copy of your bill to your nearest division office and ask them for overbilling; if it was billed by mistake, they will recorrect and set the value of actual units in your bill.

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