Mepco Bill – Check Your Electricity Bill Now

Check your Mepco bill online at You can easily view, download and look over your previous month’s billed amount, and you can also view other information related to your electricity bills. You can print, download and get your duplicate bill copy easily. Just submit your 14 digit reference number in the below box, your Mepco electricity bill will appear on your screen.

To get your Mepco online bill, you need the 14 digit reference number from your bill. If you are having trouble finding the reference number in your bill, check the image below.

mepco bill reference number

You can also view, download, and print your Mepco duplicate bill online. The process remains the same, enter the reference number and get your duplicate bill copy easily. is providing a facility to its viewers to get their monthly  bills quickly.

What is Mepco?

MEPCO, known as Multan electric power company, counts as a power distribution company in Pakistan. This is because NEPRA gives a license for the distribution of electricity to MEPCO.

MEPCO provides approximately an uninterrupted supply of electricity to 34 million people in 13 districts of south Punjab. It came into being in 1988 and works under the WAPDA’S supervision.

MEPCO Supply Area

Multan electric power company provide electric power to;

  • Bahawalpur
  • Multan
  • Khanewal
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Liaquatpur
  • Ahmad Pur East
  • Taunsa Sharif
  • Basti Malook
  • Lodhran
  • DG khan
  • Yazman
  • Layyah
  • Kot Addu
  • Rajanpur
  • Fort Manru
  • Bahawalnagar
  • Sultan Pur
  • Vehari
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Alipur
  • Pakpattan
  • Sahiwal

And many other nearest attached areas.


MEPCO Consumer Bill

MEPCO Consumer Bills are almost the same as other power supply companies in Pakistan. It imparts consumer bills with complete detailed information regarding bills. MEPCO Bill gives you full details of units that are used and how much they have charges.

MEPCO provides the meter reading of the current month and the previous month’s reading to make a difference between these two months to the consumer. Moreover, the consumer can know the detailed history of the bills, units, and paid status of the previous 12 months.

Knowing about the reference number counts as another essential feature of the MEPCO consumer bill that every user must know because the 14 digit reference number allows the users to get access to online consumer services.

MEPCO Consumer Bill contains information like meter number, feeder, and divisions. More information included the MEPCO connection holder’s name & address and the connection date. Some other information like meter reading date, issue date, due date, and the additional charges when bills are not paid on the due date.

MEPCO designed the bill in such a well-detailed manner having all essentials on the bill for the consumer’s help. MEPCO always tries to provide its best services to its valued customers.

How to check Mepco Online Bill?

  1. Go to the official website of Mepco
  2. Enter 14 digit Reference Number
  3. Your current month bill will appear on the screen.

A month has gone by, and we know the bill will be dispatched to us. But sometimes delivery gets late, so now it’s become very easy to check your bill online; you need the 14 digit reference number. After putting your 14 digit reference number, you will see your bill on the screen.

So you receive your MEPCO Bill on your doorstep all year, but maybe this month, bills do not drop on your doorstep because of late delivery or wrongly delivered to another doorstep, and we lose our payment time. But you do not need to worry, here is a very easy solution you can find by online service.

How to find a Reference Number?

The reference number is located on the left side of your bill’s copy.

Did you not receive your current month’s bill at your doorstep? No need to take tension; now it’s not a big issue. You can check your bill online. For this, it is mandatory to get the 14 digit reference number.

Find your old Bill, and you will find a 14 digit reference number on the left side of the bill.

For help to find reference number bill picture attached below:

After getting your reference number, you will click on the button, and the screen will show you your bill. By following this process, you can also find your previous MEPCO Bill online here.

Get your MEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

The month has been ending, but yet you did not receive your bill, or may your bill has been lost, and the due date is near to end. Bill still unpaid; this will not well impact your bill-paying history. It would help if you were paid in between the due date till the end date. 

In this internet era, you do not need to worry about your bill; you can quickly get it by just clicking on the button. For this, you must have your previous bill, so keep saving your previous paid bill record. You may need your record to maintain because sometimes Mepco adds the previous amount to your current bill. 

For getting a Mepco online bill, you need your reference number, and the duplicate bill will appear on the screen within a couple of seconds. 

How to download your MEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

Don’t worry about the non-availability of paper bill copy; as you reach the website, you must have followed some steps to download your bill online;

  • Open the website MEPCO
  • Click on the Duplicate Bill online option
  • Put your 14 digit reference number
  • Your MEPCO duplicate bill will appear on the screen
  • After generating a duplicate bill, you can take a view and even download it
  • You can save your bill on your computer or mobile by downloading it; click on the download button

MEPCO Bill Calculator

Consumers can check the electricity Bill’s accuracy before hand or calculate the bill by using MEPCO Bill Calculator.

In the middle of each month, the electricity bills are delivered to their respective address. For the accuracy of the bill, one should calculate the bill. 

The bills can be checked in two ways: manually, and the other is digital, which means the bill can be estimated using an online bill calculator. However, manual estimations are considered less reliable, time-consuming, challenging, and on a chance of human error. 

It is recommended to calculate the accuracy of the bill with the help of an online calculator. Mepco bill online calculator is speedy, very easy to use, and less counted of human error. You need to put consumed units, service charges, meter charges, and other things. Even now, you can know about the latest unit rate by using the “Tariff Guide.”

MEPCO Tariff Guide

The consumer can know all the latest information about the prices of units for different connections through the MEPCO Tariff Guide. Every connection is different from another, and each unit price is different from the other. For example, the unit price of a residential connection is different from the unit price of a commercial connection. 

You can apply for Mepco new connection online or by visiting to your nearest division office.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill online?

MEPCO facilitates its end users by providing an online Mepco bill payment facility. Users can use any option from the following collection points to pay as convenient.

  • All Commercial Banks
  • Online
  • All posts offices
  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy Paisa

If you have an excellent option to pay your bill while sitting on the couch or in every comfort zone, why do you waste your precious time paying physically after spending the whole day in lines? You can pay your Bill Online; for this, you need to download apps that offer online payment methods the most straightforward way, or you can use a bank site, and that’s it.

How to pay bills through Easypaisa?

Step by step, help to Pay your Bill’s online through Easypaisa.

  • First, you have to download the Easypaisa app on your phone, log in to your account.
  • Select the option of “Bill Payment” and then click on the Electricity Option
  • Choose the area location electric company.
  • Put your consumer number in the section and click on the “Get Bill” option.
  • You will see a new screen, look thoroughly at bill status, user name, amount of the bill, the due date of the bill, and you can check whether this bill is yours or someone else.
  • If Bill shows no paid status, then click on “pay now.” 
  • Finally, you got success in paying Bill Online.

How can one print Mepco Bill Online?

To get your bill print, you must follow these steps;

  • Go to the homepage of the website. 
  • Do click on the “customer services” option and choose “Duplicate Bill.”
  • Now put your reference number as a 14 digit number without any space in the field. 
  • Press the “Submit” button
  • The system will generate an electric duplicate Bill Copy.
  • Click on the download option and save it to your phone or other device or make a print. It’s your choice.
  • For getting a print, click on the “print” icon.

How to get MEPCO bills through SMS?

To make it easier getting Bills via SMS Service, for this, you have two options;


First way

To get bill SMS services, you need to fill in your phone number in the required field already mentioned on your bill. After filling and submitting, every month, your Bill will be delivered SMS without any charges.

Second Way

Open the homepage of the website and open the customer services menu

Submit the 14 digit reference number.

Your bill will be sent to you via SMS.

MEPCO Bill Online Complaint

Mepco does its work with complete honesty and tries its best to provide all the best facilities and end solutions to their complaints to its customers. 

If a consumer feels any difficulty or irregularities, he can register his complaint. 

The consumer can file complaints in the following ways. 

One is to make a phone call and register his complaint. 

The 2nd way is through Email; consumers can write direct mail on their web address.

These complaints can be related to bill issues, electricity theft, or any general issue.


How to Contact Mepco?

MEPCO provides services both physically and online, giving facilities to its end-user to remain satisfied with its services. In case of any difficulty, you can reach them, Or in case of any stealing in electricity then it’s your duty as a citizen you must complain against those. You can either make a call or an email about any issue, and both will be noticed. You can make calls during the working hours 9 am to 5 pm and weekends are off. You can register yorur complaints at Mepco helpline.

Mepco contact number is: (0800)63726

Email address : [email protected]

Address:  Mepco Complex, Khanewal Road, MEPCO Colony, Multan, Punjab


MEPCO offers facilities to its customers for this great work by launching its website. Consumers can get all information online without visiting the office physically. MEPCO designed its bill in such a way having all essential information. MEPCO already mentions its peak hour to its customer, in which unit prices go high. Consumers can pay bills online very easily. The consumer can check bills, generate duplicate bills, download them, and can make complaints online.


Can I pay my MEPCO bill online?

Yes, you can pay your bills with internet banking offered by various banks and fintech companies in Pakistan. 

Is it possible to check my MEPCO Bill Online?

MEPCO delivers bills every month at the start to your doorstep, but in case you do not get your bill or may lose. No need to worry. You can check your MEPCO bill online; for this, you need your reference number.

How can I download my MEPCO bill online?

Open the site’s homepage, go to the consumer service menu and get your bill copy by putting in the reference number. After getting a copy, you will download the option. Click on the download option, and you can save it on your phone or system.

How to get a MEPCO bill through SMS?

You can get your bill via SMS by registering your number. One way is to put your phone number in the field of MEPCO BILL, and the other one is to jump on the website, put your reference number, and get a bill on the screen. Then, enter your phone number and submit.

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