Jazz 4G Device Packages 2022

When it comes for the highest internet speed in Pakistan, the only option appears jazz 4g, in this article we have discussed in detail about jazz 4g device packages and jazz internet devices.

There are many uncertainties which arise when there is no connection, and you have to deliver your task and get online to get the job done. 

jazz 4g device packages

After getting merged with warid, jazz has now become one of the biggest telecom industries in Pakistan with a strong network and a large number of market share.

Along with internet device packages, jazz has also introduced internet devices which can give users the best experience of internet connectivity and browsing speed ever. 

Jazz 4g internet device packages vary according to customer needs, data volume and duration. Users can get 30GB monthly at just Rs. 999/.

Zong 4G Device Monthly Packages

Free MB’s
Activation Code
Status Code
Unsubscribe Code
Rs. 999
30 GB
1 Month
15GB (1am-1pm)
Rs. 1500
60 GB
1 Month
30GB (1am-1pm)
Rs. 2000
100 GB
1 Month
50GB (1am-1pm)
Rs. 2500
150 GB
1 Month
75GB (1am-1pm)

Zong 4G Device Long Duration Packages

Activation Code
Status Code
Unsubscribe Code
3 Months Package
Rs. 5500
50GB Each Month
3 Months
6 Months Package
Rs. 12000
100GB Each Month
6 Months

I prefer to go with a monthly 60 GB offer for just Rs.1500, but if you need more volume, there are more choices available such as 150 GB for Rs.2500. 

The company currently offers all the packages mentioned below. You can choose anyone and enjoy it for an entire month at affordable rates.

 Basic package  

30 GB for Rs. 999 for 30 days (15 GB from 1 am to 9 pm).

Regular package 

60 GB for Rs. 1500 for 30 days (30 GB from 1 am to 9 am).

Mega package

 100 GB for 30 days in Rs. 2000 (50 GB from 1 am to 9 am).

Heavy package 

150 GB for 30 days in Rs. 2500 (75 GB from 1 am to 9 am).

Three months bundle 

36 GB each month in Rs. 4000.

Six months bundle 

75 GB each month in Rs. 10,000.

How to subscribe to Jazz 4G internet device packages?

To subscribe to any of package, just dial *6363# and follow the instructions. On the end of each month, the package does not get automatically subscribed, and you have to reactivate the offer for next month.

How to subscribe with the Jazz login panel?

jazz 4g device panel

jazz 4g device panel

jazz 4g device panel

Follow the below steps and it will help you in subscribing to the packages.

  • Connect your jazz wifi device in your desktop or mobile 
  • Open the browser and dial in the URL. The login screen will appear and login into it with admin details. If the login details are set as default then type admin in both boxes, you can also check in the images below.  
  • Available packages are listed, and you can select any of them if you have sufficient balance then it will get subscribed in just seconds. 

Jazz 4G Devices

In today’s world, where humans have access to everything in their fingertips and internet connectivity plays a vital role in it. If the connection is super fast the routine moves at normal, but when lagging occurs it becomes the worst case ever, we are too much dependent on internet speed, and sometimes the internet connection at our home and office get disconnected the whole mechanism gets disturbed. Fortunately, now we have a jazz 4G device which has fulfilled all the challenges of daily life and makes life, work and fun moves smoothly.

Jazz 4g devices

Jazz wingle comes with two variants one simple plug and play, and another with built-in battery both have the same internet speed and connectivity features but just built-in battery difference.


What is the MBB Contact number used for?

Your MBB Contact Number is just like the mobile phone number you cannot receive or dial call but to dial extensions only. This number can be used to recharge the device to activate bundles. The device does not have a dial pad itself but you can dial it by connecting the device with a smartphone or pc. By logging into the panel you can access the digital dial pad.

How to check my MBB Contact Number?

Your MBB contact number is written on the device box. But if you are having trouble finding your MBB contact number just follow the steps given below.

  • Connect the device with mobile wifi or you pc
  • Type URL and press enter
  • Type “admin” in both username and password panel 
  • Dial *6363# and follow the instructions

How to activate jazz internet device packages?

To activate any offer of available jazz internet device packages, dial USSD *6363# from jazz app or browser portal and follow the given instructions.  



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